Factor To Take Care While Wedding Ceremony And Functions

COVID protection measures are the new normal at weddings or celebrations as everyone like venue owners, suppliers and couples want to make their day risk free as much as possible. As the covid is unprecedented, everything has changed like contactless taps in kitchens and bathrooms are used instead of normal taps, deep-cleaning of the venue before and after the wedding and staff wears PPE kit.

As everyone knows that this pandemic will not end until the vaccine will come into the market. Now, we have to deal with this virus by taking necessary precautions at events, weddings, large gatherings places and offices, etc. In today’s scenario, we can’t avoid some occasions like marriage, but we can celebrate or organise these functions with precautions and as per recommendations by the government of India. If you are planning to organise any function then you should ensure that these things must be present at the venue.

Hand Sanitising Stations

Add hand sanitising stations as your guests will be opening doors, taking up glasses, moving chairs and shaking hands. So, the virus could be easily transmitted. To avoid this, organize some touchless automatic soap dispensers, touchless automatic sanitizer dispensers, wipe tissues, masks and place some information boards so that everyone remembers and follows the basic precautions. 

Add personalized hand sanitizer bottles in welcome bags that can be left in guest’s hotel rooms or sent to their homes after the ceremony.

Also ask your serving staff to pass round little bottles of hand sanitiser on trays or walk around with a large bottle that they can spray some sanitizers  and avoid touch.

Provide Gloves and Masks

Let your guests know from an outset that you expect them to wear gloves and masks.  Either you can provide them the gloves and masks or they can bring their own. The purpose is to stay safe. You can also give an organza bag on each seat in the ceremony room.

Serve Plated Meals Rather Than Buffets

Buffets and family-style sharing platters were in demand for a while. But plated meals will be the new standard way of serving now, where guests aren’t touching the same spoons or getting too near to the food.

Hire Food Trucks

If you want to feel the same experience that buffet creates, it is wise to bring food trucks where guests can queue safely and avoid communal serving. Also, put some boards of basic hygiene principles so that your guests will remember to wash or sanitize their hands before having it. You can place a funny cartoon that can act as a remainder for your guests.

Place Signs About Social Distancing at Your Venue Entrance

It’s going to be tough to keep your guests two metres from anyone outside their household or ‘social bubble’ at the wedding. Placing a clear sign at the entry of your venue stating that you’d like everyone to maintain the two meter social distancing rule will at least make your intentions clear. It is always good to mention this with love and respect for the safety of your guests and they will also understand the current scenario. If it feels too preachy, try to add some more humor.

Have a Smaller Guest List

Have a smaller guest list due to Government guidelines or for safety precautions. A smaller guest list doesn’t mean you will enjoy less or boring celebrations. In fact, you’ll have more budget to play with, which means you can use this for better guest experience and increase items like yummy food, a free bar, live entertainment or floral displays.

Use Outdoor Spaces

If possible, use outdoor spaces for the various sections of your day. Find ways to incorporate open-air elements, such as an outdoor ceremony, photographs and reception cocktails on the lawn.

We hope you will enjoy your loved one’s wedding or family wedding but remember to keep these things for a safe and healthy environment in your family and relatives.