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Kpar Smart Hotel Solution

Here at Kpar we’re focusing on providing a quality lifestyle with our products and services and carry forwarding or motto “ Ray of Innovation, Smart Hotel solution by KPar Group enables existing hotels  to convert their existing architecture to a smart architecture and connect their Hotel to the world and with the help of our  Smart devices and KPar Smart Hotel Dashboard steps into smart world.

With our Smart Devices and KPar Smart hotel Dashboards, we’re utilizing the power of the Internet of things and providing a better controlling and monitoring of existing electrical appliances by converting them into smart appliances that provide a secure, comfortable and luxurious lifestyle.

With KPar smart Hotel Solutions we are automating the complete hotel processes starting from guest check-in to providing various different services to guests, with our smart devices placed in each room we’re providing a luxurious and pleasant stay for your guests and making their stay memorable at your Smart Hotel.


Kpar Smart Solutions

KPar Smart Hotel solutions comes with a lot of exciting features like smart dashboard integration and power consumption management so that you can have luxurious smart hotel automation without having to kill your pocket and peace of mind! We offer a wide range of products from automated lights to automated appliances. However, the perk of using our products remains that you won’t have to change your traditional switchboards or wiring as we offer retrofit solutions. Our Blaze Smart Switches are specially equipped with IoT technology so that your guest at hotel can control all your switches remotely. The Smart MCB helps you in automating your heavy-duty appliances like AC, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. Hotel management can’t control a traditional MCB being away from your home but you can do it all with Smart MCB. Our Aero is a smart IR blaster for all the appliances that are used with the help of remote control. You can do all this and much more with the smart dashboard and provide your guest a wonderful experience.

Kpar Smart Hotel in UK (India)

With the Kpar smart hotel guest dashboard, the guest can have an amazing overview of the hotel room and the services that are provided by the hotel since everything is just available on a single click of the mobile phone. The guests have full access to their smart hotel room and all the hotel facilities like swimming pool, spa, food, and room services. 

This is also a great utility for the hotel staff as well, as the staff will be able to manage all the rooms and service requests from the single dashboard and should be able to track the room occupancy along with the power consumptions. 

Kpar Smart Hotel Dashboard Glimpse of Smart Dashboard

Kpar Smart Dashboard


Room Occupancy Status

Kpar Smart Dashboard Room

Room Stats

Kpar smart dashboard

Service Requests

kpar Smart Dashboard 2

Kpar Smart Hotel Solutions

When we visit a hotel we look for optimum comfort and affordability. All of which is synonymous with us, which is why we launched our latest venture in making normal hotel to KPar smart hotel you. The smart hotel services give freedom to the customer and the hotel authorities both! As soon as the guest checks in they receive a link via SMS and email which gives them access to the smart guest room. This link allows the guest to control all the appliances in the smart guest room. The Webapp acts as a mini-map to the area, the guests can see the nearest restaurants, ATMs, shopping malls, or hospitals as per their need. It is easier than ever to browse through the in-hotel menu and order food. All the guests and hotel authorities can manage the web dashboard without having to install any extra app. After the customer uses any feature the feedback option would be triggered. The same would happen at the time of checkout and the access to the smart hotel will be withdrawn

Smart hotel 1

Benefits of Kpar Smart Hotel Here are the some of the benefits of using Kpar Smart Hotel Solution

How our Smart Hotel Solution Works?

When the guest arrives at the hotel, the hotel staff needs to enter the details about the guest check-in in the Kpar Smart Hotel Dashboard. These details include – Guest Name, Phone Number, email, check-in date, check-out Date and the room number assigned to the guest.
Once all the details are entered in the Kpar Smart Hotel Dashboard, the guest will receive a smart room access link on the email/message from where he can access his smart hotel room.
Through the link, the guest can avail all the services provided by the hotel like – food, spa, laundry, swimming pool, room service etc. with just clicking on the smart phone.
Once the guest checks out, he will not be having any access to the smart room allotted to him via the Kpar Smart dashboard and the link will be discarded automatically.