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Smart Products

Kpar in association SmarDen have utilized their best in class expertise in research and development, product manufacturing & designing and have come up with retrofit home automation solutions to fulfill all your home improvement needs. Stepping into the field of smart devices has been a game-changer for KPar and its customers, and managing your home safely has never been easier. Home automation has always had some myths attached to it, myths like it is not affordable and it’s not safe along with many others. It’s time that we burst all these myths and provide you with affordable home automation solutions.
Ours is a trusted brand and when it comes to combining high-tech solutions with trustworthy products of top-notch quality, we are known to be the masters in making it possible for everyone to afford and enjoy the luxury of smart homes. The collaboration of KPar and SmarDen is going to be a turning point for Indian Home Automation Market. We have taken care of all the important aspects of both the front-end and back-end while developing the smart devices.

Smarden Product

Smart Home Solutions

Our solutions come with a lot of exciting features like voice integration and power consumption management so that you can have luxurious smart home automation without having to kill your pocket and peace of mind! We offer a wide range of products from automated lights to automated appliances. The perk of using our products however remains that you won’t have to change your traditional switchboards or wiring as we offer retrofit solutions. The Blaze Smart Switches are specially equipped with IoT technology so that you can control all your switches remotely. The Smart MCB helps you in automating your heavy-duty appliances like AC, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. You can’t control a traditional MCB being away from your home but you can do it all with Smart MCB. Kpar Aero is a smart IR blaster for all the appliances that are used with the help of remote control. You can do all this and much more with the help of our App.

5 Node Switch

The App comes equipped with amazing features like power consumption management where you can monitor the amount of energy used by each appliance. You can also set particular scenes according to your needs and then enable them whenever you want from anywhere in the world. The routine feature lets you set timers for an appliance(s). For example, the geyser would turn itself on according to the set time and will also switch off similarly. You can also see if you accidentally left an appliance on, you can always turn the said appliance off from anywhere in the world.

Smart Hotel Solutions

When we visit a hotel we look for optimum comfort and affordability. All of which is synonymous with us, which is why we launched our latest venture in making hotels smart for you. Kpar smart hotel services give freedom to both the customer and the hotel authorities both! As soon as the guest checks in they receive a link via SMS and email which gives them access to the smart guest room. This link allows the guest to control all the appliances in the smart guest room. The Web-app acts as a mini-map to the area, the guests can see the nearest restaurants, ATMs, shopping malls, or hospitals as per their need. It is easier than ever to browse through the in-hotel menu and order food. All the guests and hotel authorities can manage the web dashboard without having to install any extra apps. After the customer uses any feature the feedback option will be triggered. The same will happen at the time of checkout and access to the Kpar smart hotel will be withdrawn.

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